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How to Act as a fairy and spread happiness?

A very warm welcome to my blog this year spreading happiness through #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. As you all know that registering for this challenge and completing it successfully has become a blogging ritual. And without...



Ways to build trust in your team

Each person has a different persona and adds his/her own aura to the team and thus comes out the best out of all. It’s important to build your trust as an individual. Things will...



Make your blog healthy with My Friend Alexa

The time has come again when we can actually look forward to participating in the My Friend Alexa campaign. This campaign is a festival in its own term. With Blogchatter as the leading team,...



Guide to outsmart #AtoZChallenge

Whenever a new year starts, the whole world talks about new year parties but the blogging world talks solely about A to Z Challenge. Every blogger has different reasons to take up this challenge....



Be safe on social media #cybersecurity

Today, we may not be physically meeting people but we are aware of their happenings. All thanks to social media platforms. Every detail is out to the world and we feel connected with our...



Start-up guide for Beginners

I was also in the same situation sometime back. When my writings lived in my diary only. And as I started to blog I searched for my readers. Every blogger who is a writer...



How to be thankful to your family?

The family is the root of your existence. They give you values and teach you traditions based on which you mark your individuality. You face the world with courage and confidence because of the...



Fuss free remote

Hey, Friends, this post is by popular demand. In my last post-Easy Blogging, I have discussed some of the applications on Android that have made my life easier. One such application is PEEL SMART...


SMO-Social Media Optimsation 2

SMO-Social Media Optimsation

  This blog had been pending for a long time now. As many of you, I was also not very familiar with the term SMO. And to be frank, I didn’t even know the...