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Climb this tree and wander in the clouds

Trees are always around when I go for a morning walk but I never pause and click. Today, I checked Twitter in the morning and came across #ThursdayTreeLove by Parul and realised it’s Thursday....


This service is open 24 hours

Pic prompt Is anything open for 24 hours? Any restaurant when you want to go out and eat something? Every outlet has timings between which they work. Or there are shift duties. Does any...


That girl on the other side

Pic Prompt I want to be that girl. Lose myself to the eternity. Ride a horse with the cool breeze on my body. The horse thumping its legs on water and water splashing on...


Life is a vicious circle

Pic Prompt- Day 5 Have you ever realised that when you call out your name loudly at the end of the mountain, you voice echoes and comes back to you in the same way?...


When Neem tree helped us all

This is Neem tree in front of my house. It is a very old tree. Its branches cover our balcony and give a shield of protection to all of us. For years, I have...


Choices are always there

The other day I was just browsing Google for some motivational quotes when I came across this quote. When I first read it, I just moved ahead. And the next moment I realised that there...


Searching for soul

There was sand all around. As far as I could see, There was only sand. I wanted to walk but  my soul was in a trap. I searched for light  I searched for the...


Way to Eternity

Gasping for her breath, Mahalakshmi fell down on earth. Her throat was dry since ages and there was not even a sign of moisture in the winds around. Now there is no strength left...


Appreciate not Envy

Envy is like a child to the word ‘Jealousy’. As jealousy is considered to be a devil, its baby the word ‘Envy’ could be taken as a less negative aspect of our character. But...


Let the mind be free

    “The world is so lively out there. Why are we bound here? I want to be free.” “I know. Be patient. The day will come when we will be flying free in...


Have we learnt enough?

This week I Have been chosen as the featured blogger of the week in #ClickAndABlogStory with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation. And that gives me a chance to host the linky with both of them. This...


Unlocking the doors

“You have failed terribly”, Karan slashed the door at Garima’s face. “I have lost all hopes. You can never succeed”, he threw the rejected appointment letter. There were signs of pain on Garima’s face....


A journey to remember

Journey by Geethica Mehra Linking this post with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation for #ClickAndBlogAStory