Guide to outsmart #AtoZChallenge


I am an observant writer and motivational blogger. My blog is the true reflection of my soul. It spreads happiness and shows ways to smile even when time tests you. Organising effectively and managing time makes me productive. Over the years, I have become calm. I am clear of my goal and this makes my journey smooth. Currently, the focus is to let it go and be a spectator.

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12 Responses

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    Thanks so much for linking up with us Geethica- your tips are invaluable esp on the scheduling part! Looking forward to catching you in this year’s challenge too.

  2. Balaka says:

    I am planning a-z challenge this year and this post proved extremely helpful. Thanks for helping me out.

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    Preparation is the key to have a stress free a to z… Loved all the points you have mentioned here. I struggle a lot with the letters Q X and Z😅

  4. Aesha says:

    Thanks for the tips Geethica. I will attempt the challenge this year. I hope I can do it.

  5. Zainab says:

    Great tips and I agree it’s a doable challenge. Granted, if you have few drafted before hand. The exposure and hits you get are unbelievable. Theme surly helps but at times it’s mind boggling to think of word from A – Z

  1. 29/08/2018

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