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Time frozen with selfie experience

Every picture you take has a story engulfed in it. Whenever you look at it a smile covers your face and sometimes you sense your eyes wet. This picture was taken by me years ago...


Swimming with your child and precautions

During summers, the first thing that comes to our mind is Heat. The climate becomes so unpredictable that we always want to be near water or drink as much water as possible. We keep...


Farhan Akhtar – His lifestyle revealed

To be frank, I never thought that somebody else’s life could ever influence me. And yes, he exists and I am influenced by his versatile personality and amazing working capacity. And he is none...


Wigs for black women

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. There is always a rush to know what is trending in terms of fashion? Whether it is about clothes or hair styling. The trends...


To do or not to do?

The day a woman becomes a mother, she embarks on what can be a rather lonely journey; lonely not because she doesn’t have company, but because there are suddenly fewer people who stand by...


Charmboard – Bollywood videos and their look

I am a true movie lover. And gossips of Bollywood celebrities are equally entertaining. I love to watch Bollywood videos anytime anywhere. I am glued to the computer when home. I admire the way...

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