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Wigs for black women

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. There is always a rush to know what is trending in terms of fashion? Whether it is about clothes or hair styling. The trends...


To do or not to do?

The day a woman becomes a mother, she embarks on what can be a rather lonely journey; lonely not because she doesn’t have company, but because there are suddenly fewer people who stand by...


Charmboard – Bollywood videos and their look

I am a true movie lover. And gossips of Bollywood celebrities are equally entertaining. I love to watch Bollywood videos anytime anywhere. I am glued to the computer when home. I admire the way...


Husband Wife Relationship – Made in heaven or hell

Husband-wife relationship is a bittersweet relationship. There is no definite pattern to weave in your personal experience. For some marriages are made in heaven but some quote it to be out of hell. Whatever be...


#CuttingPaani – Initiative by Livpure

As a mom, I watch my kids waste so much of water while washing hands or drinking only some sips of water and wasting the rest. Many times after telling them also, they don’t...


What moms love to do alone

The day a woman becomes a mom, she becomes alone in her tasks. She carries along a heavy tag on her shoulders; the tag of an independent woman. By default, almost all the work...

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