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Welcome to Thoughts by Geethica Podcast. I will share all personally experienced tips and tricks to stay happy and positive at all times. It is difficult but possible if you are willing to try. Whatever I am sharing is also penned on the respective posts. Now, listen to my happiness and book review podcast on the go and feel the same refreshment as you feel after reading my posts.

A work becomes easier and more enjoyable when accompanied by your favourite podcast. Thoughts by Geethica podcast offers you reasons to be happy and stay motivated. Recently, a new series is added to the collection that helps you buy the best book available in the stores.

Listen to all latest episodes here. Now my podcast is even available on Apple, Google, Breaker and Radio Public. So listening is easier!

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Happiness and Book Review Podcast

Happiness series|Podcast

Act as a fairy to conquer anger and frustration

Can you beat the stress with ignorance?

Can you cooperate with all and still benefit?

How important is it to detach yourself from toxic people

How to apply your wisdom effectively?

The Book Review Series| Podcast

India’s Most Haunted by K. Hari Kumar

SEO is not Rocket Science by Puspanjalee Das Dutta

Every podcast gives you some sort of happiness and contentment. The sole aim of starting this podcast is only to benefit you with my content even when you are busy working and can’t spare extra time to read.