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Unconditional Love vs Conditional Love

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Coming towards the end of My Friend Alexa Campaign, this is my last post in the series. Today, the topic is everyone’s favourite and easy to enjoy and read. The things we love, we automatically wish for without knowing much about them. Love has a strong influence on our wishes. In reality, a man is such what he wishes for. The way a man wishes, accordingly he portrays his character.

From where does love emerge?

It is human nature to give and take love. His life starts only by love. It is impossible for a newborn to grow up without love. Even the lowest form of mankind wants to give and take love. However, it comes later whether that love is genuine or made up.

When we love something or someone, the wish to achieve arises. We naturally sacrifice other pleasures of life and follow our dream to achieve that wish.

Kinds of love

  • Barter Love: I love you so you also have to love me. It is as simple as it looks. Just for the sake of it, you have to love me because I am loving you. In between many emotions come in and go out. Emotions like jealousy, betray, infatuation or greed. According to scriptures, this is not loving but a feeling.
  • Demanding Love: You have to love me no matter if I am loving you or not. However, I may behave, you have to keep loving me. This is an order to love me forever. According to scriptures, this is one-sided love. The demand is at the top here.
  • Complete Love: You just want to give and don’t expect a percent in return. You love unintentionally. You are by default inclined towards that one person. There is no ego in this kind of love. According to scriptures, this is unconditional love.

 All the 3 kinds of love exist in human to human relationship and human-God relationship. When you love God unconditionally, you are ready to sacrifice your pleasures. You don’t expect a price in return from God. When you love this much it is impossible that God doesn’t acknowledge you. 

God says that his entire love; his world is for us only. It is just that we stop worrying about everything in this world and start worrying about Him. And what happens? We are not able to love Him eternally and end up entangled in our own worldly pleasures.


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8 thoughts on “Unconditional Love vs Conditional Love

  1. This is a difficult topic. Beause it is so difficult to love ( even your child as they grow up) without expecting love in return. I am not going to talk about God here, because i haven’t reached that phase where i dont ask for anything because my prayer starts with ” please forgive me for my mistakes” which in itself is asking the almighty something 🙂

    1. That’s true Veens. We at least expect forgiveness in our prayers. And gradually we will get higher to unconditional love. Thanks for commenting

  2. As always, lovely post. HOwever I might disagree with the thought that ‘No one expects a price in return from God.’ I think we all, at somepoint, do expect something. It may not compound to material gains, but yet, we all don’t like in ‘shukrana’ alone.

    1. I know it is difficult to reach that stage where we don’t expect anything in return from God. But that’s the only goal to be achieved, rest all we are enjoying in our life. Thanks dear😊

  3. So beautifully explained! Unconditional love can be hard sometimes, but we have to keep remembering that our very nature…our essence…is unconditional love. I wrote on something similar this week – such a lovely coincidence that we are talking on similar topics!


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