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My writings are reflections of my views towards life. I believe that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen. Because holding on believes that there is a past; letting go knows that there is a future. My piece of work gives me a second chance that life denies. My words help me build my character each and every day. I read new articles every day and learn something new from them. And I am trying to write also regularly. All the visuals that happen around me make a place inside my brain waiting to be penned down as beautifully as possible. Travel along my blogs to explore life and it’s happenings through my eyes. Do share your views as they will make me learn more. And they are highly valued.

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  1. Tina Basu says:

    everyone needs a beautiful home. its funny how you describe ur fondness for neighbors house. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays.

  2. It is human nature to want what we don’t have. I am glad that you live in your dream home now.

  3. Loved the post Geethica, childhood and the memories are always special.

  4. Parul Thakur says:

    Agree that it’s love that makes a home beautiful. 🙂 You know Geethica, I have almost never yearned for a beautiful home. As a kid or as an adult now. All I need is a roof, fresh air and Sun light 🙂 These three make me happy 🙂

  5. writershilpa says:

    Childhood is innocence; a period when you think more with your heart than you do with your mind, and that’s why we find things that do not belong to us a lot more fascinating than those that belong to us. It’s only in adulthood that we realise how blessed we are!

  6. Disha says:

    The quote ‘Love makes house home’ stands so true. As a child we are fascinated by what others have, but growing up gives us perspective. Happy to know that you found your dream house. 🙂

  7. Childhood memories are stronger as they are oldest in memories. Happy to know your dream is a reality now 🙂

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  8. Varsh says:

    Without love and family the best architecturally sound house is a waste. A small home is enough if the heart has place for more. Lovely post. ❤

  9. Neha says:

    It is indeed the love and memories that make any place or house beautiful and worth living. Loved your take on the series.

  10. I loved this concept, Geethica.
    Also a great 1st post!
    Glad your dream of a beautiful house came true.

  11. Being nomads, for better part of life, I have stayed in houses of different sizes and shapes. From bungalow to tiny mini studio… all were home to me. And as I read your post, Geethica, all those houses float in mind. All had been my home at one point of time. As rightly said by you, its us that make the house home!
    Engaging post!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  12. Apeksha Rao says:

    True, the biggest palace seems like a desert if there is no love, and if you are surrounded by people who love you, then, space doesn’t matter. Everything seems lovely. Well written.

  13. very interesting articles, thoughts about your childhood dreams thanks for sharing

  14. Shilpa Garg says:

    They say that our childhood memories shape our adult life. It’s lovely that your home is as beautiful as that of your dreams and memories!!

  15. As we grow up, we tend to understand things in a more mature way and your post is an account of that, Geethica. A nice post filled with lots of fond memeories.

  16. I loved what you said about dreams, and yes,homes are made beautiful with love and care.

  17. I loved my first home, stayed from the very beginning. I have stayed there for 25years. It was such a difficult time moving out of there to our newly built house. Nice to see a different view from your end.

  18. I agree… our perspective may change with time but in this case, a lot of how the adult mind is seeing it comes from the realization of the love that went into making it the home of your dreams. It really does matter.


  19. Monika says:

    It is interesting to read how you didn’t like your own house but found the neighbour’s spiral stairs fun to climb. Our first homes always have a special place in our hearts which we slowly realise that it was pure love which was making it special

    • Geethica says:

      I agree to that Monika. I never realised that I would miss my first home so much after growing up. The same house which I didn’t like at that time. Thank you dear.

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