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Happiness vs Sadness

I have gathered many ways to feel happy in the times when it is difficult to. And I have shared with you all to make you feel the same. Today also, the topic for...



We often use the words knowledge, wish and action in our daily lives. But seldom do we realise the connection between them. There has to be a balance. Let’s see what these words mean...


Joy vs Pleasure

In almost every post of mine, I have tried to spread happiness. This is one thing that is available in plenty and free of cost in this nature. But we are busy buying expensive...


Inner Peace vs Outer peace

In my earlier post, you read that man is often running after pleasures in life. But little did he understand that what the real pleasure is. Then there is competition around him and he...


Selfishness vs Selflessness

As talked in the earlier post, people are depressed in a situation where they have achieved all. And thereby, man is making efforts to come out of this state of mind. He wants to...


Solitary Confinement vs Social Behaviour

Today, we live in a super fast moving society. More than people we have gadgets around. They make our life simpler and faster. They even let us earn better. ┬áSo today, what’s our perspective...

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