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Moving with the challenge, today I want to tell you about the strength of my writing; E-ENCOURAGEMENT.

Do I need to tell the meaning?

Through my personal experience, it is the driving force behind my success.

The act of inspiring with hope, courage or spirit.


An attempt to persuade.

This is the key to keep you going even when you fall down, get up and get going. The real people behind your encouragement are the people who are true well-wishers of yours. We are always striving to earn more, may it be money, fame or success or anything. But we want more. And what happens when we get the desired result? The life becomes monotonous. You feel dull and are bored. Because at the top position, you are alone, there is no company for you.

You again feel depressed. This is the time you need your loved ones. And yes, they feel good for you. They pray for you. They encourage you to move forward.

There is a certain kind of magic in the word encouragement. You suddenly feel a rush of creativity running inside you. And you want to work for that right at that moment only.  You get more ideas to make yourself better in this world. A place where if you offer help with honesty, help is offered to you in the same way. You are charged again to move ahead and climb towards success.

The real force

Have you ever imagined who is helping you? Yes, they are your family, friends and someone whom God sends especially for you. Because He knows when you need help and in what circumstances. And in a way, we often don’t see. But should always be thankful.

Encouragement can be in any form and by anyone. We should always be polite to everyone in our life. Because we never know, whom we can meet again in life. And who is proved to be fruitful and a helping hand in future?

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22 thoughts on “E-Encouragement

  1. I agree Geethica..encouragement really helps. I try to encourage my kids by rewarding and praising them for whatever they do. Thanks for linking up with #MMM

  2. I do believe that a kind word of encouragement can be the motivating factor in someone’s success. Creativity requires positive energy. While I never wait for ideal circumstances to begin writing, thoughts flow so much easier when I am encouraged to pour my heart into each phrase and string of dialogue.

    1. Yes of course Shalz. Readers visiting my site and commenting is the best encouragement I can have on this platform. Thanks for commenting dear


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