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Q-Quality Word

Today, I arrive at the word Q-QUALITY WORD. The words we choose to speak describe the attitude we wear. Physical appearance may attract or distract at first sight. But later or sooner, it is the quality of words that you shoot out that leave the lasting impression. 

We have the liberty to choose friends but our family and relatives are a blessing. We cannot choose between the members. Instead, learn to adapt their qualities and apply them to your behaviour. Also, watch their poor qualities carefully so that when you are about to so the same, you can stop yourself right there. And remind to correct yourself.


We all are a bundle of good and bad qualities. As we are thankful for our good ones, we should be more than thankful to be able to recognise our bad qualities and the need to overcome them.


Often we don’t realise what our spoken words mean to others.

  • Some kind words said early in the morning make the day and vice a verse.
  • Be cautious to speak about what you would want to hear from them.
  • When appreciation is done before giving a suggestion, there are 100% chances that the suggestion will be taken as an advice to follow.
  • That’s human nature to listen to the first things said more attentively as compared to other sentences in the conversation.
  • So naturally, you give out the quality words first to the listener and he/she feels good about themselves. And also for you.

  Remember, the words of quality are highly respected than your success statistics


A human is known for his quality words and not through his earning capacity.

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15 thoughts on “Q-Quality Word

  1. Beautifully explained..Yes we need to think before we speak…As words have so much power that it might even hurt someone very badly

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    Menaka Bharathi *

  2. There is a saying in Hindi which means that the only difference between a crow and koyal is revealed as soon as they open their mouths. We should always be cautious of what we are saying. Our words show our true character. Very nice and sensible thoughts you have put across in this article. Loved reading it!
    Have a look at the character review of this amazing woman Mary, Queen of Scots who lived to fight for her rights!
    Readers of the Night


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