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Old Memories – Fresh pen | Series 6

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While writing with my fresh pen and reviving my old memories, I feel like a 5-year-old again. An obedient small girl who enjoyed her own company and never missed being with friends. But every human being is meant to be someone’s friend. And here, I am opening another sweet chapter from my box of memories.

From the core

I was in kindergarten at that time. I don’t remember when exactly I started talking to this sweet girl named Kanika. But the oldest of memory I can recall is of the games I played with her in school. The break period when we both used to race from the class to the ground and take the corners of the trees to play corner- corner.

I started liking the school. Coming to school meant, meeting Kanika – playing new games and talking endlessly; don’t know what?

Kanika’s father had a stationery shop. Daily I used to admire her pencils, erasers and all kinds of stationery she used to bring to school. And I was a big fan of hers. I used to ask my father, “why you didn’t have a stationery shop?”

We had been together for three more years. then I changed my residence. I was in the fourth standard when I joined my new school and I just hated my new school. I missed her so badly. I still talked to her on phone. And this was the time I started writing letters to her. This was a new era in our life. Our letters maintained our relationship. We had been together only for 4 years. But still, we are in touch. Social media had been helpful but in those days our pretty letters helped us being connected to each other.

Lessons learnt later in life

  • Some people are meant to be there for you throughout your life. You may not be sharing your joys and sorrows but still, you have sweet memories with them. Even today when you meet them, you feel thankful.
  • I always admired her clothing style and way of living. Little did I realise that every human fantasy somebody else in their life. It is human nature. She may also have liked something about me.
  • There’s nothing like being lucky or unlucky. It is only a particular phase in life when we are less thankful for what all we are blessed with.
  • Friendship needs just love and nourishment. It survives in all conditions; in times of letters and in times of mobiles too.

Every person has one relationship other than of family that is always special. They take a special place in our souls.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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18 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh pen | Series 6

  1. This is such a wonderful memory you shared, Geethica. Yes, some people may not be in our lives but stay forever in our hearts.
    I am loving this series you are writing.

  2. How very well pointed Geethica, I too have few relations in life which are not of blood but more than that. Having them in life or just their presence make you confident and happy.

  3. It’s true we all have that one special friend even though we have many others. I shared this article with my special friend. I remembered her while reading this. I am so glad we are still friends! Excellent memory Geethica. ❤️

  4. It’s so wonderful that some friends stay in our lives forever. Friends like Kanika make our life a bit more beautiful and happy! Glad that you have such a friend in her!

  5. Kanika seems to be as fresh in your memories as the handful of freshly plucked jasmine! The aroma of friendship lingers on!
    I too remember writing to my pen pals. It was such a fun way to keep in touch and exchange the ideas!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies


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