How to involve your kids in Diwali preparations?


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  1. Fabulous tips for many moms of little buds. Best way to keep them bzee is to given them some task that they can do easily and of their interest. My daughter also loved to do everything which i do. She also helped me alot during festive days.

  2. Loved reading the post. It is perfect and just the right way to welcome Maa Laxmi into our homes

  3. Yogeeta Rane says:

    Once again a lovely post dear 🙂 Especially who are new mommies & discovering different ways to co-operate with kids 🙂

  4. Tina Basu says:

    My two year old got very scared with the crackers- so much so we had to abandon crackers and return home! He was interested only in the candles and lights. Wonderful post Geethica

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