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So I reached the word R. And I pick the word REJUVENATE for today. I use this word many times in a day. Simply because I feel refreshed by even small things in my life; by the happiness brought from tiniest of the things.

So what does the word mean?

To make someone feel or look younger or have more energy


To make something such as an organisation, system or place good or effective again.

To me it is

It could be just sitting in the balcony early morning and doing nothing but gazing the sky above. Once I was in savasana in yoga. I opened my eyes and watched the clouds moving above. It was all so calm and quiet; no hurriedness and no rat race. I asked myself “Why do we argue over small things? Just to prove our superiority? Or to satisfy our ego?

Lying under the sky, I felt so rejuvenated. We often get lost in working hard towards our goals that we forget to sit back and repair  energise our souls. The kids around you remind to enjoy the small joys of life. They teach us that nothing is permanent so play and laugh now, we shall work hard the next very moment.

Ways to rejuvenate

  • Find happiness in simpler things
  • Watch your kids play. They bring a smile to your face even when you don’t want to.
  • Let the things go. Grabbing each and every moment to be successful leads to stress.
  • Sometimes, revisiting old cafe or a hangout brings alive all the old memories and rejuvenate; energise you in an instant.

 When we rejuvenate

we prepare ourselves for 


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14 thoughts on “R-Rejuvenate

  1. In our busy day to day schedules, rejuvenation is essential. I agree with you; a person who can find happiness in small things can achieve it much easily. Mine would be books, movies or even my favorite track!

  2. I really like your closing comment that rejuvenating prepares us for tolerance. I know this is something I should work toward, tolerance. Ah, so easy to say, not quite so easy to do. One step, one day at a time, though. Very nice thought for the day, Geethica.


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