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Here, I have reached the letter N-NATURE.

Nature has it all.

The meaning

Natural scenery


A creative and controlling force in the universe

The magic

There is a sense of magic in the air as soon as I go out early in the morning. Morning walk is my daily ritual that fuels me for the day ahead. The first thing I take in is the oxygen; our lifeline that is available in abundance with nature.

The cool breeze when spins over my face, it washes off all the worries from my previous day and fills me with a huge dose of positive energy. The nature has answers to all my queries. When I feel bad about something; something that can’t be discussed with anybody but God, I come out early. To feel the first rays of sun on my face and feel the freshness.

The beauty secret

The nature has it all. Even the secret to my beautiful face. Yes, the beauty has been enhanced due to application of fresh gel from aloe vera plant. Just take a small piece of leaf and slit it from between. You will be blessed with a fresh gel that is to be applied directly on cleansed face. And let the magic begin.

There are also curry leaves which add a delicious flavour in the dishes that I make at home.

The lesson I learned

Plants are so selfless. We often cut them or crush them little realising that they are the only source of oxygen to us. They give us what is essential for us and in return take carbon dioxide that we exhale; their lifeline.

Similarly, in life when we give out that is helpful to others, we are blessed with things that are important for us. What we give out we get back as a rule of nature.

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17 thoughts on “N-Nature

  1. I love the graphics you’ve made for the challenge! I think you should be in charge of them for the whole group next year. I love especially how much energy you can feel in the early morning, right around sunrise, where the world is waking up and you can just feel the potential of anything at all coming in the day. Great post.
    N is for the New Plan

    1. Thanks Eli for such encouragement. Yes I am enjoying the challenge and learning a lot throughout the month. And I will participate next year too

  2. Nature is my first love and all my posts about AtoZ are so far about nature. This is a reminder that I need to start my 5:30-6 run/walk/cycling 😊 and be one with nature.
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