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Taking the plunge ahead, I arrive at the word M-MOTHER.

My mother is the purest soul on earth sent by God. She is the face of God to me. All my human relations have started and directed by her only. She is the connection between me and the world.

I can write endless papers about her but there are not enough words to describe her exactly and deeply. Still, I have tried to.

The beginning

In my early years of school, I was often left alone by the girls around me. And I used to be depressed every then and now. It started affecting my studies also. My mother was the only one who sailed my ship through the high tides.

Growing a little older, I may have thought that it was her duty to be my pillar of strength and stand by me. But when, at present, when I am myself a mother of a girl, I understand what she must have gone through.

She is like a coconut; a bundle full of mixed emotions but she never let her fears come out in front of me. Because she wants me to be the bravest of all and fighter for my own identity.However, I am not a fighter like her yet.

The fighter

She has been through toughest of the times and had emerged like steel out of fire all by herself. She didn’t have any helping hand except GOD. She had never broken down, at least, not in front of me.

She is the ultimate source of inspiration to me. She has always been a friend to me, never denying anything that’s good for and explaining to me why some things are not good for me.

She knows how to manage emotions at different levels amicably. But how does she manage it all without a sigh?

The ultimate power

I guess God loves his every child equally. But when one of them is in trouble, He gives extra power to that child to heal and become a fighter again. He conveys the message that there’s more in life for him/her.

Hey, mom I know you must be reading my post. I thought to give this letter to you on your birthday tomorrow but anyway posting today for the whole world to know.

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22 thoughts on “M-Mother

  1. I always say this! I believe all the goodness of God is reflected in the kindest of souls on Earth. So when people lose faith, they should look around. Not everyone is as lucky to have awesome mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, but we might have the ability to surround ourselves with people who are wonderfully warm and generous. People who are happy to give unconditional support and love. 🙂

    Great post! Such a boost in the morning. I’m smiling from ear to ear, Geethica.

    1. This is a real encouragement for me Marna. If I am able to make you smile early in the morning , then I am successful in sharing my views with the world.Thanks for dropping by!


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