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Today, I would like to discuss one of my relationships which I talk less about. Often I am declared as a mother’s daughter that I resemble her the most and my habits and all. But little did I know myself, that how much motivating my father had been to my life.

Yes, you guessed it right. Another motivational relationship in my life; F-FATHER.

I don’t need to give a dictionary meaning to this word as it is a relationship given to us as a blessing in life by God.

His qualities- My lessons

As a child, I was always magnetised towards my mother. But, I am attached to my father too which I realised only when I got married and left him for my new home; new relationships.

Like any other girl, I have watched him, admired him since childhood and wanted my man also to be like him only.

He has never been verbal about his emotions and always been adjusting in the small things that God favoured him with. I take this quality from him to be happy in the things you have and verbal only through my writings.

He had always been hard-working and I have seen him growing as a person and as an entrepreneur. I learn that if we work hard, we grow towards betterment and success follows by itself. It can neither be snatched nor be diverted from you.

He has earned money through his disciplined life and therefore respects money. He knows the real value of it and that is why not able to spend lavishly or overspend when not needed. I have taken the quality from him and learned to save and spend when actually needed.

He is extremely patient and his patience has always paid off in his favour. I am learning to control my anger and react a little later to keep things in control.

He thinks before he speaks so he speaks less. This is a power quality to possess and I am trying on this one. But can women talk less?

Through my growing years, I have turned towards him only for something big but gradually realised that those are not the materialistic things but deep emotions and attachments that I have earned from him!

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18 thoughts on “F-Father

  1. Hi Geethica! I hit upon your post because Father was also playing on my mind for the day´s challenge. Lovely heartfelt post. Fathers and Daughters have a unique special bond. They are way more impactful on a daughters life that they seem at the outset. Here´s sharing my day´s challenge F is for Fuck Mantra. https://pensense.blogspot.in/2017/04/f-is-for-fuck-mantra-atozchallenge.html. I would love to know your thoughts on it. Keep writing. Cheers!

  2. a relationship with a father is unique and last a lifetime. the lessons we learn from them stays a lifetime . a lovely dedication to your father.


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