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Carrying forward the #AtoZChallenge, Today I reach the alphabet J. And I choose the word JUGGLER. Are you confused? That why on earth would I choose a circus word in the motivational series?

Well, I can relate myself to a juggler or for that matter every mother in our society.

The meaning

To try to balance several important things at the same time especially when this is difficult.


To change the way that things are done, in order to achieve what you want.

So as the meaning makes it so clear. Suddenly, I realise, that I have become a juggler in my life.

Modern multi-tasking housewife with multiple hands
  • There are so many duties and it’s just me- one person
  • I want to do everything- like a SuperWoman which is impossible.
  • No matter how good I am at my job, something or the other is left to complain; that’s human tendency

I am happy and content. There is a sense of achievement when I am successful at juggling.

There are sadness, depression and sense of failure. The world looks full of aliens where I fail at juggling.

Motivation for me
  • I am a human, not a robot.
  • It is acceptable to leave some commitments incomplete for the day.
  • Organise the schedule in your brain first and then execution follows by.
  • Time is again the next step to be managed.
  • When you feel weak or incomplete to finish a task, leave it to God. He is the only one who understands you the best. You need not tell him that how many times have you tried finishing your responsibilities but somehow failed. That you are totally exhausted now and your brain needs some rest.

And miracles do happen.

Yes, they happen in no time. A new door is opened to move ahead and find solutions.


A Juggler is always successful at his work and a woman is no less than a successful juggler.

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24 thoughts on “J-Juggler

  1. I love the feeling of being in control of everything – alas, it doesn’t happen too often! I agree that maintaining a positive attitude is key – you might just find an unexpected source of support or an innovative way to do something.

  2. Believe and miracles do happen… I love the ring to it. Multi-tasking is something that I struggled with and as you said would be depressed if I couldn’t do it. I was in awe of all the superwoman’s but now I have made my peace. I respect people who can do everything, but that’s not my cup of tea. At the end of the day if I have done atleast one thing well I know I have succeeded.


  3. Right Geetica, we should allow ourselves to fail at something. We cannot make everyone happy and we cannot be everywhere at the same time.

  4. This is so very true Geethica 🙂
    No matter how much we have accomplished all day, we fret over things left by us!
    I liked the way you’ve mentioned motivation here 🙂



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