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She/He has a different aura around her/him. They are so positive in their attitude. We like to be with them. We feel so refreshed and relaxed when we are with them. They are vibrant in their nature. And so…

The word for the day is V-VIBRANT. 

The meaning

Having or showing great life, activity and energy.


Exciting and full of enthusiasm.

We all want to be vibrant. We are attracted to these kinds of people. They throw so much of positivity around. We always get to learn something from them and get new ideas.

We feel like our life is worth something; like growing in all aspects.

How can Vibrancy be achieved

  • By smiling always
  • Changing your perspective to look at things. You see positive before the negatives.
  • Leave the company of negative people at once.
  • If they are family members who can’t be ignored then increase your tolerance power. Every person teaches a lesson. And such people pumps up our tolerance levels and we learn to survive.
  • Life is much higher than roses and thorns. We just need to clear away the shady passage.
  • Be thankful to God for He loves you unconditionally and is always there for you.

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16 thoughts on “V-Vibrant

  1. Having a positive outlook changes our life… it adds to happiness, productivity, success, good health, better relationships and so much more. And all these makes us vibrant 🙂

  2. We are most like the people we associate with. Eliminating negative people has made me more positive. Finding fellow writers has made me a better writer. Maintaining a positive outlook has improved those around me. I strive to be a vibrant influence on social media, even though I am low key type of individual.
    We are who we want to be if we work the steps necessary to become so.
    Thanks for your vibrancy!

  3. Getting away from negativity solves a lot of life’s problems, and yes makes one more vibrant too.


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