Indian belongingness

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During the years, we all see a little change in our attitude and behaviour. We have a different perspective to look at things. 

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Many factors are responsible for this change. The foremost cause is the background that we are brought up in. We may not notice it and also deny following the basic norms. But the Indian tradition has been engraved on our souls.

It flows in the blood from our ancestors. Some old lessons mixed with the new innovations is what is called INDIAN BELONGINGNESS.

Personally experienced

The foremost Indian practice is the belief in God. And I have been practising this belief since childhood. In fact, I am tied with God. No matter wherever I am, I am with my God. I have won many personal battles with my firm belief in God. Many of the personal conflicts in mind have been calmed by my belief in Him.

Some of the lessons I would like to share with you all

  • I am God’s child and he resides in me.
  • How big may be the challenge, your belief will sail you through the hard times. 
  • Hard work always pays, I will have tasted the fruit of my hard work.
  • Believe in Him and He will take care of the rest.
  • Smile. Always smile. A little smile makes wonder for long.


Similar Indian values, I have come across with LUFTHANSA. When I travelled through LUFTHANSA earlier this year, I felt like home. The hospitality reminded me of the same Indian values that we value. Their smile with a simple Namaste made me feel happy. 

You will also feel connected when you see the latest advertisement from the airlines. It is #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

To believe in what I have said, you need to experience it personally. However, I can help you a little. Click on the link below to enter the world of warm hospitality.




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