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That fun element

We all have daily tasks to finish at every level. There are duties and responsibilities which are not by choice but designation. We become like a machine without any emotion. But sometimes we want...


Coffee since childhood

If we were having coffee, we will definitely go into the flashback and then come back in present. There are so many memories stocked up in my brain as treasures. Coffee has the different...


Interviewing Ishieta

The day I got the prompts for Write Tribe festival of words, I started drafting my posts. For day 6, they prompted to interview someone or include a guest post. As soon as I...


A day to remember

It was a totally new experience for me. I had long waited for this moment. Years have gone by and identity was still under covers. I was living as someone’s daughter, wife or mother....


Udaipur-Where it all started

Udaipur also knows as the City Of Lakes, Venice of the East or the Kashmir of Rajasthan, is a major city, municipal corporation and the administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan Udaipur is the place where...


Resources that empowers me

There are basically 3 important resources that keep my passion of writing going on. Important resources MEDITATION: This is most important of all the resources. This is the reason I am going on towards...

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