Category: Thankfulness

This is the category that shows you different ways to be thankful for all that you have with you in life.


The intangible gift

‘Gifts’ the word itself has many surprises packed inside. I don’t know about others. But this is a magical word to me since my childhood. I remember mom getting, one or the other gift always,...


The thankful way 2

The thankful way

There are endless people to whom I am thankful for their presence in my life. Often I don’t realise someone’s contribution as long as they are present with me. But when I cherish the...


Strength to overcome 8

Strength to overcome

#Thankful Thursday   I have so much to be thankful for in my life Every morning I recall what all I am thankful for today But this November has been special Special for me...



A soul that I don’t own

#Thankful Thursdays I am thankful to GOD for every single moment that  I am given in my life for all the little and big benefits that  makes my life better than others for the...