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Let the mind be free

    “The world is so lively out there. Why are we bound here? I want to be free.” “I know. Be patient. The day will come when we will be flying free in...


Have we learnt enough?

Learning is like breathing like an ongoing process From the day I am born I have been learning like the way, I have been breathing like the way, I have been growing. And the...


Unlocking the doors

“You have failed terribly”, Karan slashed the door at Garima’s face. “I have lost all hopes. You can never succeed”, he threw the rejected appointment letter. There were signs of pain on Garima’s face....


A journey to remember

Journey by Geethica Mehra Linking this post with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation for #ClickAndBlogAStory  


Road to destiny

    I am moving ahead I am moving on and on I can see my goal I can see the road leading to my goal The path seems to be endless But my...