Word of the year 2019 – FOCUS

Every year there is a plan in mind that needs to be focused. There’s nothing new on 1st January every year except that we start searching for areas of improvement within. And make a...


Be grateful for the love you receive

Every new day is the beginning of a new idea. Our ideas form a virtual image for our readers. And these ideas are the way we feel. How much are we thankful to the...


Make health check your prioirity

As soon as a new year starts, new resolutions come to mind. There was so much to achieve but the previous year ended. So now is the time to again dream high and start...


Farhan Akhtar – His lifestyle revealed

To be frank, I never thought that somebody else’s life could ever influence me. And yes, he exists and I am influenced by his versatile personality and amazing working capacity. And he is none...


Laughter- The best way to De-stress

When you feel good, laughter makes you feel much better You meet your loved ones, laughter makes your surroundings much lovable. You want to break the ice and laughter does your job You are...


The power I want in 2018

The word of the year 2018 is Power. And while writing only, I am feeling the power within. I will multiply this power throughout the year. I want the power to me The power...

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