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Ways to soothe the baby who has colic

Today, it was a tough day. I was getting late for an event when my son came running to me crying. I took him in arms and asked him the reason to cry. But...



Celebrate Holi with ZEE5 this year

Holi is a joyous festival of playing with colours. Every Indian wait for this time of the year to play with water and splash some colours on each other. During this time, Gujjias are...



Top 5 sensitive wipes in India

It started as a baby wipe for my kids and now has become an essential part of my life.  It is so handy and useful at any given point of time. Hygiene is also...



How to protect yourself from mosquitoes

As a mother, we are always concerned about our children’s well being. The day starts and ends and we are still running after them. We totally forget about ourselves. We are proud to be...



Cloudnine in Noida – The Review

Last week, on 30th September 2018, Cloudnine was inaugurated in Noida. The launch photos and ceremony can be seen here. It was a pleasure to cover such an event on my profile. Cloudnine has...



Cloudnine now in Noida – The Launch

After 7 successful hospitals all over India, Cloudnine has launched its 8th hospital in Noida on September 2018. Being the first hospital chain to think about mother and child as separate lives and carry on...



Apollo Cradle – The best gift to your child

As soon as a lady is confirmed as pregnant, her emotions are transformed. The feeling of having a life inside makes her ecstatic and at the same time anxious. Every pregnancy has more of...



A unique promise of protection this Rakshabandhan

Let’s talk about Rakshabandhan today. Aishwari is the eldest in my home and she exactly knows what that means. Four years after her birth she became an elder sister to Aadidev. Since then she...



Tips for healthy shining teeth

What is that one thing that you love doing? Or rather you should be doing when you greet somebody? Smile! A smile that makes someone’s day. A smile that makes you beautiful. There can...