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Psychology behind clothing

Delhi has extreme climate throughout the year. I am born and brought up here only but every summer it feels like this year it is extreme. Even if you sit in an AC room...


ICD Healthcare- Care with emotional hands

Any type of disease is heart-wrenching for a patient and a disease like cancer is heart-breaking for both the patient and the family. Many factors are responsible for catching cancer but at the same...


Why is it Hard to Let Go?

There is always a generation gap in the thinking of young people and their elders. We, the people of today, want change in almost everything. We believe in bringing new things and get rid...


Time frozen with selfie experience

Every picture you take has a story engulfed in it. Whenever you look at it a smile covers your face and sometimes you sense your eyes wet. This picture was taken by me years ago...


Wigs for black women

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. There is always a rush to know what is trending in terms of fashion? Whether it is about clothes or hair styling. The trends...


To do or not to do?

The day a woman becomes a mother, she embarks on what can be a rather lonely journey; lonely not because she doesn’t have company, but because there are suddenly fewer people who stand by...

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