Do you yell at your loved ones when you miss going out to nature?


I am an observant writer and motivational blogger. My blog is the true reflection of my soul. It spreads happiness and shows ways to smile even when time tests you. Organising effectively and managing time makes me productive. Over the years, I have become calm. I am clear of my goal and this makes my journey smooth. Currently, the focus is to win anger and use the power of the subconscious mind to control my brain.

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6 Responses

  1. Aditi Kapur says:

    We understand that it’s the worst nightmare we are going through. Outdoor activities are reduced to zero and so mental disturbances are increasing.
    You are saving your family from your yelling by doing Bharatnatyam practice;)

  2. Staying at home for such long can be so stressful! Glad you keep yourself engaged with so many activities!

  3. Poonam says:

    I have never stayed at home for this long. I miss going out, for traveling, for movies, for a walk. I didn’t miss this in 2020 as I was busy caring for my newborn and gratefully I had someone to get groceries, and staying safe for my baby. But this year is tough, as my kid now can understand well about surrounding and it’s frustrating to be indoors all the time. I don’t yell but it’s difficult. I engage myself in listening to music, Netflix shows, now blogchatter’s challenge, these keeps me sane.

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