Monthly Archive: November 2019


Climb this tree and wander in the clouds

Trees are always around when I go for a morning walk but I never pause and click. Today, I checked Twitter in the morning and came across #ThursdayTreeLove by Parul and realised it’s Thursday....


Focus is one powerful habit that keeps me going

Life is all about growing stronger every day and there’s always one powerful habit that keeps you going. Things have a pretty own way to turn around without any notification that leaves us gasping....

Lakshna Jha thought of an idea to introduce an app called Let's talk to her personally and know the real reason behind such a powerful initiative. 0

Why Lakshna Jha deserves #DigitalWomenAwards?

The world is changing rapidly and so is the traffic in today’s world. There may be different working hours but the vehicles on the road are always on a high. Have you ever wondered...