Cloudnine in Noida – The Review


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10 Responses

  1. Sayeri says:

    Cloudnine is already much popular. Within a month, 50 successful delivery is not a matter of joke. Amazing. And I think, meeting that lady doctor was an extra spoon of sugar for you!

  2. They have a very big & famous hospital here in Gurgaon. I am sure Noida one is going to be as good or even better than this one

  3. It is one of the the most trusted hospitals.. Good to know you met your mothers gynaecologist… World is indeed a small place

  4. Ashvini Naik says:

    Cloud Nine is already a much sought name in maternity in Bangalore.

    It’s great that they’re getting to people in Delhi as well now.

  5. I had a good experience with Cloudnine. So, I can say Nodia got a good health care facility

  6. This is great to know that People in Delhi NCR have one more great hospital to help them in the hour of need.

  7. Anks says:

    I saw some of the launch pictures and videos on social media and this looks like a good option. Happy that quality healthcare is reaching all cities

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