Monthly Archive: May 2018


Don’t be shy to eat at home

“Let’s have dinner out today.” She suggested “Na, let’s eat at home only. We can make something together that’s easy to prepare and delicious to eat”, he proposed. The scenario at home has changed...


Why is it Hard to Let Go?

There is always a generation gap in the thinking of young people and their elders. We, the people of today, want change in almost everything. We believe in bringing new things and get rid...


Time frozen with selfie experience

Every picture you take has a story engulfed in it. Whenever you look at it a smile covers your face and sometimes you sense your eyes wet. This picture was taken by me years ago...


Swimming with your child and precautions

During summers, the first thing that comes to our mind is Heat. The climate becomes so unpredictable that we always want to be near water or drink as much water as possible. We keep...

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