When parents fight in front of kids


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  1. nameeshn24 says:

    Great blog update that every parent can read. It gives a lot of insight on things that we can do to make sure our kids don’t get affected due to tensions running in family.

  2. Amrita Basu (Misra) says:

    I am always interested to know how people manage conflict .Its never easy and here you have given great food for thought .#MondayMommyMoments.

  3. Parents can have healthy arguments or disagreements without raising their voice and that shows kids its acceptable to voice their opinion however real fights should be when kids not around. Great write up

  4. Deepa says:

    Fighting, yelling, screaming, or physically hurting, all are bad for kids. They should not see their parents doing any of these. It affects them negatively. Thanks for writing for #MMM 🙂

  5. drbushran says:

    Totally agree parents should be Extra careful and go for healthy discussion instead of argument.

  6. This is a pertinent topic in parenting. Disagreements are inevitable between parents and it is very important to stay aware how we are dealing with them, keeping in mind the effects of arguments or fighting can have on the children. Good points, Geethica.

  7. Alice Gerard says:

    My parents fought with each other when I was growing up. I wish that they had read these suggestions. They are very helpful in helping to maintain a peaceful household.

  8. pythoroshan says:

    So many fresh relevant points here… Especially when it comes to keeping it one-to-one instead of bringing an avalanche of other opinions into it.

  9. this is such an important parenting issue that need to be deal with patience and calmness. you had covered all points so wonderfully. it is great to get connected with you #mondaymommymoments. looking forward reading more from you.

  10. Zainab says:

    I agree with all the points. The child is not only mentally scarred but also, can start talking rudely to either of the parent.

  11. amodiahs says:

    Parents’ behavior is very critical for kids’ mental state. Kids need a happy atmosphere at home.

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