A Word with God – 4


My writings are reflections of my views towards life. I believe that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen. Because holding on believes that there is a past; letting go knows that there is a future. My piece of work gives me a second chance that life denies. My words help me build my character each and every day. I read new articles every day and learn something new from them. And I am trying to write also regularly. All the visuals that happen around me make a place inside my brain waiting to be penned down as beautifully as possible. Travel along my blogs to explore life and it’s happenings through my eyes. Do share your views as they will make me learn more. And they are highly valued.

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  1. Ishieta says:

    This is a lovely post. God is guiding us even in these thoughts — thats an amazing affirmation!

  2. I love your writing. Talking to God is really a thoughtful article about. It’s really about the relationship between God and his creation.

  3. The moment your subconscious makes you feel guilty at every misdeed you must know god is guiding you. Great post !

  4. Dine Delicious says:

    Simple yet most important things in life, how beautifully written. Totally agree situations changes not relations..

  5. Aesha says:

    Oh yes, I completely agree. Sometimes impulsive behaviour might cost you your relationships. It is better to speak after giving a brief thought to words and talking to God is a way of introspection. We should that more.

  6. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says:

    So true agreed about harsh words that can affect relationships but with time and changing situations things get better. Also agreed at a God Answering back your prayers

  7. Aritra says:

    I totally agree with this post! I believe the almighty is always there to show us the ways.. And our inner wisdom leads us to choose a specific path.

  8. Neha says:

    These are some wise thoughts and I completely agree with them. There is so much god has to offer, if we keep our mind and heart open to receiving

  9. Shilpa Garg says:

    This post resonates with me completely. Yes, God guides us through our circumstances. We often don’t realize His guiding hand until we look back in retrospect.

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