When Neem tree helped us all


My writings are reflections of my views towards life. I believe that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen. Because holding on believes that there is a past; letting go knows that there is a future. My piece of work gives me a second chance that life denies. My words help me build my character each and every day. I read new articles every day and learn something new from them. And I am trying to write also regularly. All the visuals that happen around me make a place inside my brain waiting to be penned down as beautifully as possible. Travel along my blogs to explore life and it’s happenings through my eyes. Do share your views as they will make me learn more. And they are highly valued.

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  1. Neem is a very useful tree and yes as a child when I got a chicken pox, my mom used to place it around my bed, give bath adding saffron to me and used paste of the leaves on the my body. I followed my mother when my daughter got chicken pox. Also I remember as a child playing carroms in summer under a neem tree which was huge one in the neighbourhood. Playing carroms was a favourite past time during summer holidays.. thanks for sharing, you brought some lovable moments of my life:)

    • Geethica says:

      That’s so sweet, playing under the Neem tree and enjoying your childhood. I am glad you went down the memory lane. Thank you Angela.

  2. I remember using neem leaf water to bathe my child after a bout of chickenpox!!! We extensively used neem leaves to keep our trunks and cupboards free of bugs.. its very effective. Great shot! 🙂

  3. So that is a neem tree. How magestic! And I can bear witness to chickenpox and its discomforts; I had it as an adult. The itching is awful! It’s something I will never forget, and I wish I had known tis back in 1993.

  4. True Geetica. Even the air from neem tree is considered healthy.

  5. Geethica says:

    Thank you Parul. I will keep the dated in mind.

  6. Parul Thakur says:

    Neem has medicinal benefits and see how the tree and leaves could be used. It is said to be good for blood purification too. Such a green and full tree.
    Geethica- TTL is now on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

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