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I am an observant writer and motivational blogger. My blog is the true reflection of my soul. It spreads happiness and shows ways to smile even when time tests you. Organising effectively and managing time makes me productive. Over the years, I have become calm. I am clear of my goal and this makes my journey smooth. Currently, the focus is to win anger and use the power of the subconscious mind to control my brain.

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  1. MerogAndMom says:

    I loved watching I dream of Jeannie in my childhood😍 I used to crazily run on the roads just to reach home within time after school😂

  2. That CID bit made me laugh out loud!

  3. Aww such a cute post. Loved the CID and your brother connection. We had something very similar at my place.

  4. Nayantara says:

    WOw you made me so nostalgic. Remington Steele was where I fell in love with Pierce Brosnan too. Love this.

  5. what a beautiful trip down the memory lane!! i dream of genie waas my favourite too, though Major Nelson looked like a monkey to me 😛

  6. CID…hehehe…my mom in law is still obsessed with it….My favourite was small wonder…and later moved to friends…

  7. momtasticworld says:

    Your post made me nostalgic….I am an elder sister too…. and That CID pic is just so damn good hehehehehe.

  8. I too feel happy on thinking about being an elder sister and watching cartoon marathons during my childhood days. Those are really sweet memories.

  9. This freshened up my memories! I loves watching Small wonder and I dream of Jeanine once back from school everyday too!

  10. Anchal says:

    I loved the final thoughts that you have put. I wanted to grow up fast when I was a kid. And now I dread being an adult

  11. I can never forget those days of watching “Jeanie” together

  12. Vaidehi says:

    CID haha how can I forget it.

  13. Aesha says:

    I loved to watch Remington Steele too. But my favourite is Friends. I keep watching the re runs all the time. Also Nikhil Chinnappa on M- TV . I used to rush back home from college to watch him mid noon daily. This are some amazing memories. Thanks for writing this post. I went back in time.

  14. Obsessivemom says:

    I loved Jeannie and my sister and I would mimic the way she’d shut her eyes and nod her head to make magic. Sundays were our TV days and I remember having long arguments with our mom because we wanted to watch TV the whole day.

  15. vidhiduggal says:

    I dream of genie and Bewitched were my favourite too. I still don’t know why ACP Pradyuman shakes his hand that way. Air Daya ka naam Daya kyun rakha 🙂 Jokes apart, I loved reading your blog.

  16. Jiya B says:

    Your post took me to memory lane. I loved it . Childhood and the TV time was just awsome. Now there is nothing all stories look alike.

  17. mahekg says:

    I love jeannie show so much miss it.. I am the elder one so can relate but my brother is bossy
    Daya darwaza khol de ….

  18. Same Pinch Geethica, I have a sibling who is like 9 yrs younger to me. I loved I Dream of Jennie too.. what a classic show that was. CID hahah that show will make history- it’s still on man!!!

    Loved it G. Here’s mine http://www.gleefulblogger.com/2017/07/08/childhood-memories-thankful-thursdays/

  19. Loved the post .Bewitched was adorable I also liked several other mic shows on star World .
    We need to learn to be happy at every stage because time never stops her good or bad.
    Geethica you said something wonderful which I deeply believe in .
    Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

  20. We want to grow faster to have more responsibilities in hand and enjoy life as adults. But when we grow, we realise what the actual reality is- You couldn’t have said it better, Geethica.
    We miss our childhoods as it was a special time because of the innocence. I was smiling as I read that you trained your brother to watch CID when you missed it :)))
    Thank you for writing for #ThankfulThursdays

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