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I am an observant writer and motivational blogger. My blog is the true reflection of my soul. It spreads happiness and shows ways to smile even when time tests you. Organising effectively and managing time makes me productive. Over the years, I have become calm. I am clear of my goal and this makes my journey smooth. Currently, the focus is to win anger and use the power of the subconscious mind to control my brain.

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10 Responses

  1. Oh I love the Can’t be nice to everyone.. my Mom always say this. Mom’s vices are like happiness mantras keep us sane and strong even in the worst of times.
    Beautiful post

  2. deepagandhi says:

    Agree ..Moms are the greatest teachers. They teach us many things which we only understand when we grow up. Thanks for linking up with #TT 🙂

  3. Such wise advice Geethica.The world definitely will not always praise us .But we need to always be their for people whod do support us.Being kind,strong and independent makes one a very attractive human being.Thank you for always sharing such positive thoughts with us on #Thankfulthursdays

  4. Hope every mom is an epitome of life lessons. And your mom is not an exception. Thanks for sharing these valuable lessons you learned from your mom with us.

  5. What lovely lessons. Indeed mother’s are God’s messengers. I liked the point about leaving things sometimes.

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