Monthly Archive: January 2017


Destiny followed by Serendipity

I found my love in writing. During my school days, I used to write my diary. Then slowly,  I started writing for the school magazine. In the course of making a career, my writing took...


Easy Blogging

I always enjoy writing on paper. Today also when I get some ideas in my mind, I jot down in my diary first. But blogging has to be through net only. Initially, it was...


Beauty from within

My beauty has evolved gradually through the years. When I was in my teens, I had different skin and different preferences. Then slowly I improved in choosing the products. I also learned that our...


The unseen love

LOVE can never be expressed in words. Being a writer I have tried to paint my page with beautiful phrases defining love. And when I re-read my work, I ask myself- Does my love...


Let the mind be free

    “The world is so lively out there. Why are we bound here? I want to be free.” “I know. Be patient. The day will come when we will be flying free in...


Have we learnt enough?

This week I Have been chosen as the featured blogger of the week in #ClickAndABlogStory with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation. And that gives me a chance to host the linky with both of them. This...


Reality- An illusion

Linking this post with #RealityMyPerspective for #IndiSpire 153 Reality differs from person to person. What is real for me maybe fake for somebody else. The core that constitutes the basis of reality depends on...


Why do we exist?

Many times when I am depressed, I ask myself “why do I exist?” My brain answers me back ” Because you parents prayed for you.” But God could have sent anybody. Why me? So...


Dad on board

After writing for a serious issue like Bengaluru, this topic was a big relief. The first thought that came to mind when I read this topic was that of a comic expression. Yes, today...


Because I am born happy

On a winter morning, I feel the warmth from first rays of sun falling on my face. I feel like touching eternity and back from the first sip of coffee reaching my brain Because...


Bengaluru or the whole India?

Molestation, eve-teasing, rape are the words echoing in my ears since childhood. I don’t know were there news more 25 years back or are they now in the present. I, as a woman first...


Unlocking the doors

“You have failed terribly”, Karan slashed the door at Garima’s face. “I have lost all hopes. You can never succeed”, he threw the rejected appointment letter. There were signs of pain on Garima’s face....


A journey to remember

Journey by Geethica Mehra Linking this post with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation for #ClickAndBlogAStory  


My Dream of becoming a Blogger

There are many benefits of living up your dream. Today, I am on the path of fulfilling one of my largest dream. In fact, the only dream I was born for. I am thankful...

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