Top secrets disclosed after motherhood

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Motherhood has always been a surprise to me. No matter how many books you read.  But the top secrets will be disclosed only after motherhood. Your personal experience is the best teacher for you. Every journey is different and every child of the same mother behaves differently.

Wish I had known before

Many times when I look back, I laugh at myself. My life had totally changed since I became a mother. And let me tell you that if you know any hacks also nothing applies at the time of actual situation.

Things that surprised me:

I never knew that I will not be counted as one person but three; me and my two kids.

I will not be able to organise my day according to my own interests.

Two tails will be grown behind me. Special tails with talking capabilities. In sleep also I hear them calling me!

I can’t sleep when I want. Can you?

Suddenly 24 hours a day seems to be like 24 seconds. And time flies away in a blink of an eye. Still, heaps of work are left undone.

They give you so much stress around the clock but when the world gives you stress, they are the gifts of God whom I can look up to. Kids make you feel the presence of God around you; within you. They have a solution to every problem. They make it visible else it was just in front of us. In fact, they don’t have the word “problem” in their dictionary.

We want to be like them but in the course of changing ourselves, we get lost in between. That’s when God reminds us of kids; to have them and love them.

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