Top 10 Gifts For This Children’s Day

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Everyone likes to receive gifts. And if it is on an occasion, it is just like an icing on the cake. Likewise, children always love to have them. So what are you planning to gift your child this Children’s Day?

Different children have different tastes and their family knows the best. Still, I have collected some ideas that may help you.

Top 10 ideas to gift your child

  1. Books-  These are the best companions for those children who are bookworms. It does not count how many books do they have but every new book adds to their happiness. There are plenty of books available for all genres and for all ages. You can easily order them online. 
  2. PuzzlesThese can be helpful for both girls and boys. And also for all ages. Even parents get involved in solving puzzles and hours go by. As research says, solving puzzles help in brain development of all the humans. These are available in all kid’s shops and also online.
  3. Activity BoxesThese are new on the list. And surely they are different from toys section also. They indulge the kids for hours and make them aware of all the necessary information for their age. They are comfortably available for all age groups and it is easy and convenient to order them online.
  4. Cars for boysYou must be aware that boys are always crazy about cars. And my son is the best example for that. Boys can have cars for gifts as many times as they breathe during the day. They are the easiest gift for boys and I guess big boys also love them. They are available everywhere so buying may not be a problem.
  5. Barbie’s for girlsI am sure dolls are the best friends of girls. I remember to play with my Barbie doll till late in years. And it still has its own charm. Even teenage girls decorate their rooms with their dolls when they stop playing with them. The easiest to gift and available almost everywhere.   

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  6. DressesThese are an all-time favourite gift for kids and useful too. Many kids get excited to see new dresses for their gifts. They may have plenty of them but a new dress on an occasion makes them happy. Dresses should be bought after trying them to get a perfect size. But now with easy returns by online apps, you can buy them online too.
  7. Shoes- A perfect pair of shoes defines your attitude. Going by this saying, we get another option to gift kids and that’s shoes. Girls need a new pair of sandals with every dress and boys also have so many options today. These can be bought either way. If you are quite sure about the size of your child’s foot then you can buy them online too.
  8. StationeryThis is my personal favourite too. And my daughter just adores it. A stationery addict can have this as a gift on any occasion. And these are available for all budgets. I am highly impressed by the stock available online.
  9. PlayzoneRecently this has been an interesting option where children can spend their whole day playing games. And they simply love to be there. You literally have to drag them out of the play zone. Different companies have vouchers also as an option to gift. Every mall has a play zone today.
  10. Cadbury Dairy MilkHave you realised that even a chocolate makes your child happy? Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has marked decades in the history of chocolates. They have maintained the real taste to the date. There are many gift packs available in the market. And this is the personal favourite of my family. We can have a dairy milk any time of the day and night. You must be amused that if this is my personal favourite then why have I added this in the last? That’s because a sweet dish is always taken in the last.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts For This Children’s Day

  1. Great list and wonderful post, I want to add one more along with these “spending quality time” with our kids would be another best thing that we can do to make them happy.and this thing will always help to create some beautiful memories for future.

    1. Yeah that’s true Surbhi. Spending quality time with kids and love them unconditionally are practises beyond the list. Thanks for commenting


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