How to be thankful to your home?

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Home is where the heart lies. Where ever you may be in the world, you miss your sweet home. Your home gives you so much warmth and comfort that no place can give. It gives you company when you are alone. It laughs along with you when you are happy. Have you ever thought how to be thankful for your home?

Be thankful for your home

Maintain your home regularly

Clean your home on a daily basis if you live in metro cities like Delhi. Here, you can see dust particles within hours of dusting. If you are busy then try to delegate some work to other family members or domestic helpers.


Don’t clutter your home with all types of furniture. There should always be plenty of space to move around. Have only those things that you actually require and are useful to you. Things should be decorated according to the space available and not because your neighbours have.

More windows

Always keep your windows open early in the morning. This lets in the sunlight and the warmth of positivity. You feel active and rejuvenated to schedule your day ahead. Sometimes, you are even able to think a plan B if the previous action fails.

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Decorate the walls 

Paint your walls with warm colours or the colours that define you. You live there all the time so home should have a sense of belongingness. Decorate the walls with the photos of your loved ones. When you are not in good mood, these walls smile with you and give you company.

Kitchen is the real heart

A kitchen is a special place for many. It runs the home. For a foodie family, the kitchen gives smile to the members before they go out. Keep a practice to keep your kitchen always filled with raw materials. Have you ever heard the saying, “the one who goes empty stomach from home, remains empty stomach the whole day”?

Replace the old one

We all are shopaholic in some or the other way. We like to buy things for home and change the setting. But remember to replace the old piece of furniture when you get a new one. This way you may help somebody who actually needs your old stuff.

When the home is clean, prosperity comes in abundance.

How are you being thankful for your home? Do share your tips and help the world.

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17 thoughts on “How to be thankful to your home?

  1. When I read posts on home, I start missing my hometown. It’s where my heart is always. We should be grateful to be blessed with a home and it’s important we respect it.

  2. When the home is clean, prosperity comes in abundance.

    This is the golden nugget which I remember .Goddess Laxmi blesses a home such as the one you described.Beautifully written.#ThankfulThursdays


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