This Children’s Day bring out the child in you.

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Since a week or two, everybody’s is talking about the plans for Children’s Day. Everyone wants to know what the parents are planning for kids. But this day, I want to be a little different from all. I want to bring out the child in me. Read on my list and tell me who all wants to be the same.

The child in me

This Children’s Day I want to forget all my duties and responsibilities and be carefree like a child. I don’t want to think what will happen if I don’t finish my task on time. 

I don’t want to think about the menu for the day and prepare food. I want to indulge like a child and eat without any guilt of weight gain.

I want to be fed and pampered just like a child.

I just want to gaze out of the window and spend my whole day doing nothing.

I don’t want to clear the mess instead leave the things where they are.

I don’t want to be nagged by anyone instead I want to nag somebody!

Is this possible after being a mom? Not at all.

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Be a child with your child

When you can’t change the situation then change your view. You can never be the same all your life. Instead, make plans for this Children’s Day.

Forget that you are a mom and play with them as one of them. 

Leave your work for a day and forget to finish the chores on time.

Order some junk for all and enjoy the party guilt-free. We will not be fat or thin in a day! 

Watch a cartoon movie and make fun of the characters together.

Let the alarm clock sleep till late and enjoy the sleep with the kids. Start the lazy day with laughter and enjoyment. 

Buy them gifts. Receiving gifts always make us smile. When they smile, our heart feels content.

There are many ways to engage your kids in a special way. It is just that we need to bring out that child within.

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37 thoughts on “This Children’s Day bring out the child in you.

  1. Awww isn’t this we all want. Loved reading your post. Never let the child in you die 🙂

  2. I loved reading your post.I want to relive those childhood days as those were the bestdays no tension just be carefree and enjoy each and everyday .

  3. No matter how old we grow, we should celebrate Children’s day. Watching cartoons and playing with them will surely make us revive our childhood. Well written!

  4. Sleeping in and eating junk sounds like a perfect way to feel carefree like a child again.
    Thank you for sharing

  5. When children smile everything does seem better.With children I love enjoying silly plays ,Weird make up songs and dancing and just having a good time

  6. Super post. It would be so much fun doing all this for a day. My favourite would be ordering junk food and not think of getting fat. 🙂 Thanks for writing for #MMM

  7. I love this concept. Bring out the child in you. What more better way than this 🙂
    Being fearless and adventurous!

  8. I would have loved to sleep it in and watch movies, sadly my kids had school on Children’s Day. But we can plan this on a weekend.

  9. I loved reading this post geethica ! Its pure love ! Frankly i believe children should not be taught to behave like adults .. Adults must learn to mellow down to their level 🙂


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