SITARAM BHARTIA- A caring hand towards mom and baby

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“Sitaram Bhartia – Institute for Science and Research is a 70-bed, multi-speciality hospital located in New Delhi’s Qutab Institutional Area.”

“88% of low-risk first birth moms had a normal delivery in 2016!”

“The Maternity Program at Sitaram Bhartia has been designed to empower women and their families into making the healthiest and safest choices for their pregnancy and delivery.”

Kadambari’s 9th month had just begun, and the rounds of discussions about her delivery had also started. At home, with her friends or relatives, the topic of discussion was the same. Kadambari was my childhood best friend and has always been by my side through my thick & thin. This was an important phase in her life, and I could not miss being there for her.

She was confused and overwhelmed by the anxiety surrounding her.

“Have you booked a hospital for your delivery?”

“Which package have you chosen?”

“Are you thinking of a normal delivery or a C- Section? What has your Doctor suggested?”

All these questions were making her anxious. Her gynaecologist had an emergency and had to leave for the States. Though she was constantly on the phone with her gynaecologist it was not solving her day to day issues. After a lot of discussion with her, I suggested her to meet the team at Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research.  I had heard about this hospital from another friend of mine, and she was in all praises about the team.

Finally, the day had come. She was in tears. The labour pains were unbearable. She was hardly aware of the happenings around her.

She went to the labour room and was greeted by her doctor and her team. They guided her throughout labour and were very supportive especially when her labour pain was at the peak. The doctor came by her side and warmly held her hand. Instantly, she felt a change & felt better. The doctor calmed her down and said, “Don’t worry, we are here to take care of you. Very soon you will have your baby in your hands.”

She was delighted to hear this, and the pain started subsiding. She went through the delivery without any issues. The engaged doctor and her team moved very swiftly on her delivery. Kadambari had her husband’s support with her in the delivery room. The team at the hospital believes that partner support during the birth can prove to be emotionally comforting for the to-be-mother and motivates her throughout the labour.

Later, Kadambari and her family were so happy to have their daughter in their hands. They were genuinely delighted to have a caring team of doctors to help her go through her delivery smoothly.

Not to forget the hospital also had a canteen where they had some tasty food which we enjoyed.

We learned a few things about their hospitality later.

Through their unit of full-time salaried gynaecologists, they have been working for the last 15+ years to reduce unnecessary medical interventions so that mothers can have a positive birth experience.

In 2016, their staff gynaecology unit achieved an 88% normal delivery rate for low-risk first-birth mothers, who had crossed 37 weeks and had a single baby in the head down position.


Though the hospital promotes normal delivery as normal delivery is considered to be safer for the mom and the baby, but there are times when an emergency cesarean is required. In such cases, the hospital conducts the cesarean operation for the to-be-mother.


Kadambari’s experience with the team at the hospital was great & we would recommend this hospital to every to-be-mother in Delhi & Gurgaon.





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