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Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 9

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Every second that just passes becomes a memory. You can never have enough of them. This is the last post in the series and my fresh pen can’t decide which way to proceed. Growing older was never so much fun until I reached my college.

From the core

Those were the golden period of my life. I made friends for life. The confidence in my attitude was a big surprise to many. From a docile girl, I changed into an independent girl. Now I was able to travel alone in public transport and book a table or a movie ticket all by myself.

Back home, my bonding with mom changed to that of a friend. Suddenly, life became ecstatic. My driving led us to many new interesting places. And for every new movie, I and mom were the first spectators. I never realised that life could be so colourful and fast.

Life was just shopping, roaming, eating and watching movies. Controlled eating or diet was not in my dictionary at that time.

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Lessons learnt later in life

Time is never the same. Every stage has its own teachings. But when we are enjoying the most we don’t bother to look deeper into life. 

During my school life, mom was working. When she actually left the job, I realised that life could be so interesting. It felt like I have lived my whole life in those three years.

That time just froze there. Many times when I am not happy today I remember my college days. I wish those times could have been some more. But then I thought anything that is overstretched lose its charm. Maybe it is best kept in memory as the happiest moments.

Now in present, my life revolves around my writing, earning, family and kids. I am happy in my own space and thankful for all that I have today.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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25 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 9

  1. Bas yaadein, yaadein… yaadein reh jaati hain. Aur chhoti, chhoti baatein reh jaati hain! Nicely written blog post on sweet old memories. Cheers.

  2. Some memories are more dear to us and we love remembering and cherishing them. This made for a very heartwarming read and rekindled some old college memories of mine too 🙂

  3. College days by all means are “coming of age” for most of us. Those were the days when we realised our self worth and enjoyed being us! My request to you is to keep the series ON instead of putting the full stop to it! Look forward to it!

  4. Reading all the memories shared by you are so relateable Geethica. Going for movies, shopping, coffee breaks and fun is something I enjoyed doing with Mum. Even recall the movies we went together. Time is never stable, most dynamic. Enjoy each day as it comes to us.

  5. Geethica, every memory you shared till now somehow reminded me of my moments. It’s true that happiness can come in bytes to make it all the more worth it. If it extends in MB and GB we wouldn’t know it’s worth. Loved reading your posts! Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a true achievement for a writer when her readers can recall their own incidents while reading hers. I am highly touched to know that my series connected with your emotions well. Thank Jayanthi

  6. Why are you ending this series? As you yourself said, you have memories every moment so there are lots of moments in a day? And a lifetime? And when you reach my age you may not even remember your happy memories so keep sharing every day!

  7. College days do hold a special place. For me it was college and first job 🙂 Those memories are relived every time we friends meet

  8. I loved how you end this series, Geethica. College days are truly memorable. We are carefree and eager to learn, maybe that is why.
    I have enjoyed this entire series by you, Geethica. Thank you for sharing your memories and helping me refresh mine.

  9. I guess we all go through and grow through these interesting phases of life.I can understand your feeling since my mom too was a working lady and I used to look forward to spending family time always!
    Thanks for making me refresh good old memories through this post of yours.


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