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Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 8

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This day I have completed 7 years of my life. My fresh pen takes me back to the old memory when my little brother was kept in my hands for the first time. I was separated from my mom for the first time when she was admitted to the hospital for delivery.

From the core

For the first time, I got a live teddy bear directly from God. Isn’t this the exact feeling when you see your sibling for the first time? Let’s keep the rivalry for later! Though I have had my share of fights with him in my initial years, it is only the good things that I remember about our relationship as brother and sister.

He was still less than a year when we used to go for day picnics on the motorcycle to India Gate. It was so enjoyable to feel the sun on your body on a warm winter afternoon. And the home cooked food was delicious as ever. At that time, we dreamed of having a car someday and going for picnics with more ease. But when we had the car after some years, we didn’t come back to this place even a single time.  

Both of us are sensitive in nature. And back at that time, he had always been an obedient and soft-spoken child. I had disciplined him to watch only 3 cartoons a day, and he obeyed me.

Every evening both of us would finish our homework soon to watch the cartoons together.

On holidays I would read him stories where he would be attentive so that I can ask questions at the end.

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Lessons learnt later in life

Gadgets were absent then and we enjoyed playing together games like Ghar Ghar under the dining table. Life then was much simpler and happier.

We had quality cartoons to watch at that time. We were always excited to finish our school work in time and watch the shows together. We never fought for which channel to watch. We always had the same choice. Kids in today’s generation are not so patient. My kids at present argue for every other thing.

I thought I am not very attached to him as other brother and sisters. But now while I am writing, I feel a different sense of belongingness with him.

He was still small, around 14 years when I got married. Now I find him more responsible towards our parents. Family atmosphere plays a vital role in shaping the character of children and the discipline in them.

I am sure every brother-sister relationship is sometimes sweet and the other times sour, only to gel together at the end.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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18 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 8

  1. So true Geethica. Being the eldest I did have quite a few times, but my sister remembers the strict terms I had put than I did. The memories just becomes better. However, now, once in a while when we text to each other from next rooms, it does ache. Lively write-up.

  2. Oh Geethica I am in LOVE with the series you got for this challenge. Every post is connected to heart – Dil de Dil Tak.
    Being the Eldest daughter of family I had my RULE 😉 and my poor sister followed it quietly. But brother who is 9 yrs younger to me gave a tough fight… but still not as much as these kids are today. Kalyugi bacche.
    I remember mom would sometimes dress up in co-ordinated colors of frocks and we would happily do so.. but today – ha impossible.

  3. I am the eldest of us 3 siblings and all three of us sit and reminisce about ‘the good old days ‘ too. Technology has taken away our peace of mind and times together.
    Another great post, Geethica. I love going down memory lane along with you.

  4. I being the younger, have troubled my elder brother quite a lot of times. But he always had rescued me!
    Agree you Geethica, that even I remember the good times spent together and not the sibling rivalry!

    -Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  5. I am still smiling at “I had disciplined him to watch only 3 cartoons a day, and he obeyed me”… because I used to do exactly the same with my sisters. Arent these some amazing perks of being the eldest in the family! And we used to play ghar ghar too. The best was we didnt need any gadgets or many toys to play back then. A simple cardboard box could engage us for hours as well. A lovely read, Geethica!


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