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Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 7

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While recalling old memories, I heard a particular song which took me back in time. I was a kid when this song was very famous. And every other day it used to come on TV or radio. And this is how my fresh pen got a new memory; the memory of music.

From the core

Music has a different charisma. When you listen to a music, you go back in time. Something has always happened in the past and you remember whenever that particular song is being played again. Every song has its own story to narrate and alongside it actually, narrates your story.

Music creates moments. Moments that revolve around special people in your life. The discussions of that time come alive. You relive that phase of your life in those few minutes of the song.

Sometimes, you wonder why are you remembering a particular happening everytime a song is played? And then you see flashes of all the scenes you once remembered while listening to that song. And hence memories are made.

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Lessons learnt later in life

Listening to music always calms me down. When I listen to music while walking early in the morning, I get so many bright ideas and ways to solve my obstacles.

Times change and songs also change but the memories remain the same. We must have grown but the characters in our hearts remain the same. We remember, those involved, as the same.

You compare yourself with those times and evaluate where have you reached? Are you good today or were you good then?

Music makes you feel younger, it makes you laugh and cherish those happy moments even in the present.

Some songs make you feel sad when you miss those times and those people. But the next very moment you realise that what all have gone will never come back. Instead, create new memories. Memories to be happy always.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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21 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 7

  1. So many postings and so many road trips for our family till now and a particular song brings back memories of the road taken! Indeed, music has a unique way of making a person nostalgic and emotional 🙂

  2. Songs are a great source of energy boosters for me too. When I am ecstatic, I hum a song. When I am down I listen to the radio as it gives me good company and keeps my brain getting into the unnecessary thoughts! Songs are like the best buddies!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  3. Oh yes, songs always bring back memories of people and places. And isnt that a lovely feeling, traveling down the memory lane with that song of the yester-years!!

  4. How true! Music has this magic on all minds and hearts I trust. The morning walk and gym with best music is something I can relate to.
    I really wanted to know which song was that though – you mentioned in post 🙂

      1. Yes many songs have so many memories along with them.Music has special powers to soothe u , to calm u ,to energize u ,


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