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Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 4

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Remembering old memories is coming out to be fun. It is a mixed bag of emotions. Many thoughts make you feel silly and the others sorry. Today, my pen wants to scribble the time when I was alone; the only child of my parents. I must have been 6 years old or rather smaller.

From the core

I was still at my old home, Darya Ganj. I loved riding bicycle early in the morning. I guess since childhood I had been loving the morning freshness. I even remember going to the nearby Mother dairy and getting a litre milk by tokens; something I had recently learned at that time.

I loved my skating classes in the morning and karate classes in the evening held at Hindi Park. I was shy and talked to fewer people. And I enjoyed my own company.

Once I went to the temple with my father and everyone was staring at him weirdly. Back home, he looked into the mirror and saw a ladies bindi on his forehead. I must have stuck that bindi onto his forehead and forgotten. And we all laughed till our bones started to ache. Though, I was not at all a naughty girl.

Lessons learned later in life

  • Life was much simpler in those days. Being alone also, I never felt bored. And no gadgets at that time. Only television where movies and cartoons had a specific time.
  • Today, I am not comfortable to send my daughter alone to the market. Maybe, that makes an over possessed mother. But I am helpless at this point.
  • I wonder did those days have 48 hours in a day? I used to do so much and still had time to relax. But now, if I take my children to some activity class, they miss on their sleep and are left with less time to play. Maybe, I am a lazy mother as taking them around to classes tires me too.
  • Presently, when we have so many options around to keep us busy, we still feel bored. We feel alone or distressed in life.
  • Simply because earlier our ambitions were small and hence the dreams to achieve them too. But here, in those 24 hours only we want to achieve all. Everyone wants to be a superhuman leaving behind the other ones.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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17 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh Pen | Series 4

  1. Yes, those were some amazing carefree days. I remember playing for hours with anything that was available… even empty cartons/ card boards. As a kid, I used to go the the nearby market on my own too and today we cannot imagine doing that for our kids. Greed and insecurity has changed the world around us dramatically!

  2. Oh My Geethica, what a lovely memory. We all have done somethings or others like these in our childhood days. And yet we were not ‘naughty’, hahah..
    I feel the same when leave her alone, but our days were different. We had so many uncles, bhaiyas, chachas who never made us feel awkward. But times are changed and so is human values.

  3. Hi geethica even I feel the same , everybody is always in a hurried mode and wants to achieve just everything . …Even I also find myself a lazy mom because taking my kid to those extra activities tire me too…..u have penned down beautifully

  4. I am so enjoying reading your posts.
    Imagining your Dad with the bindi on his forehead:)))))
    I am glad you don’t push your children to do things, that is the right way to bring kids up.


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