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Old Memories – Fresh pen | Series 2

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My maternal grandmother used to live with me. So naturally, I was very attached to her and was her favourite too. I have grown up admiring her, be it for good or bad. And I have also taken many habits from her. However, my family can tell which habit is good to retain and others to improve. Going down the memory lane, the earliest of the memories I remember are when

From the core

  • She used to wear sarees only and had a huge variety of them. I liked each and every saree from her collection. 
  • Once the weather was on a cooler side with a little breeze. I saw my grandmother covering her shoulders with her pallu. And I felt envious that she doesn’t even need to wear woollen clothes, her saree is doing the needful. 
  • She was a total shopaholic and carried me in her arms wherever she went. She didn’t look at me as a burden but took me along everywhere and enjoyed her shopping. I don’t know whether I actually remember this incident or it has been talked about so much that it had made a space of its own in my mind since childhood.
  • She liked to wear clothes in perfect coordination and used to prepare in advance.
  • She was a coffee addict. She drank more coffee than water throughout her life.

Lessons learnt later in life

Many of the questions that trouble me today have answers from my childhood. That is when I look back and realise that many situations happen because they have happened in the past too. I have taken them unconsciously from my grandmother.

  • I am a die-hard fan of sarees. I simply love wearing them. I can sleep in them, dance in them and even go to a discotheque in them!
  • I love pairing up my things before I get dressed.
  • Watching her drink so much of coffee, I reminded myself not to consume anything in excess. There should always be a balance in everything we do.

Memories are old but the pen is fresh

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24 thoughts on “Old Memories – Fresh pen | Series 2

  1. Beautiful memories Geethica, my granny always wore salwar suits with ONLY pure Georgette dupattas… I would love to touch those soft chunnis. She had this huge collection in all possible colours. Your series is bringing back lovely memories …. Kudos.

  2. Unknowingly, you have learnt some valuable lessons early in life. Our grandparent inspire us in more hidden ways than we can imagine. 🙂

  3. Loved the post Gee, and I was so close to my Nani too. I loved to talk to her spend time with her. Often she would come to stay with us in Delhi and that meant a lot of fun:)

  4. Such impression she has left on you that consciously or otherwise you follow her. You keeping off from excess proves that you haven’t lost your own individuality either.

  5. Lovely memories, Geethica.
    I love how you leant not to do anything in excess, from your Grandma’s coffee drinking habit. You learnt a good lesson from a not so good example.


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