What lessons should you teach your kids about Bapuji?

After a long time, I have reminded myself of the teachings I learnt from Bapuji during my school. Now I am a mother and it’s again that time of my life where I am reading what qualities Bapuji had. There are many things which we learn and forget as we grow. And because of MMM, I have come across so many habits of Bapuji of which I was not aware of.

Lessons to be taught to your kids

  1. Patience: This is one habit we all should develop in ourselves as kids learn from us only. My daughter often used to feel depressed when she wanted some gift and could not get on time. Then I started teaching her the importance of having patience. When you get something after a long wait, you value that thing more in your life.
  2. Perseverance: It is the determination to work hard towards your aim. My kids know that they have to finish their work on time to get the brownie points. But still, in the middle of it, they loosen themselves and leave the work. That is when I teach them to have perseverance towards your work, be it any work. Even playing with dough and making, again and again, the same thing until you make it perfectly requires perseverance.
  3. Peace: This is one thing we all crave for but few know how to achieve. Teaching a child about achieving peace is a big task. At this stage, they are constantly comparing themselves with others. The best way is to set an example for them. And this can be done when we adults maintain a calming effect at home.
  4. See the good always: I always preach my children to look for the good in others and try to help others. Do your good and don’t expect anything in return. God will reward you for your good and not these people on Earth. And He is always watching us from above.
  5. Stay grounded: It is difficult to detach children from worldly pleasures at this small age. But I always tell them to stop comparing and stop craving for a thing just because someone else has bought it. I often remind them not to show off any new thing you get from your parents. But be grounded. Things will get noticed in their own time.

Every parenting has its own style and every style has its own lessons to share. Do share your personal tips with me.

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