How to involve your kids in Diwali preparations?

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In India, Diwali is a big festival. It is celebrated on large scale in maximum parts of the country. Therefore, it involves huge preparations as well. Everything can be managed and arranged on time but not kids. If you need to work smoothly, you need to keep them busy. And what is better than involving your kids along with you in Diwali preparations?

Different age groups- Different tantrums

My daughter is 10 years old so she compares herself directly with me. She can do all like her mother. And in many cases, she actually helps also. She is a darling and a helpful hand to me.

The real test comes when I have to deal with my 5 years old son. This age group is easy to tackle and especially if they are boys. But through years of experience and being in a joint family, I have gained some tips that I will share with you today:

  • Get to know their interest – Even different boys have different hobbies and way to show their work. It is best to know their interest and delegate them work. This way they will not leave the assigned work in between to create a mess.
  • Only a portion –  The working speed of kids would be slow. So many times you would feel like taking the work back in your hands and finish it fast. But beware!! They will nag you hell. A little mess is better than constant nagging.
  • Remove the gender-bias – Gone are the days when boys and girls used to do their specific jobs only. Today, my son loves making Mattis with me in the kitchen. And my daughter likes to accompany whoever goes out for marketing.
  • Best way to keep them off the gadgets – Involving your child with you keeps them busy. And this way they will be away from TV or mobiles at least. 
  • Traditions and Rituals – Children learn a lot about our family traditions and enjoy the rituals.

It is always a pleasure to celebrate the festivals with your loved ones. The essence of togetherness is increased only when shared with family and friends.

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  1. My two year old got very scared with the crackers- so much so we had to abandon crackers and return home! He was interested only in the candles and lights. Wonderful post Geethica


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