Flintobox – It keeps your child away from gadgets

Flintobox makes activity boxes to take kids off TV smartphones. They believe children deserve a mobile free childhood. But what is the reality? Are kids actually away from gadgets? Let’s see.

“Mom, what do I do? I am getting bored.”

“Why don’t you read some books?”

“I have read.”

“Then play with your brother.”

“I have played.”

“Then clean your shelf.”

“No, not now.”

“Then don’t eat my head. Let me do my work.”

“Ok, I am playing on mobile!!”

Is this the case at your home too? I am too tired of all this. The more I try to engage my kids in something, more easily they get bored. Then the simple solution for them is to watch TV or play games on mobile. How do I give them a gadget free bachpan?

While browsing my mobile, I came through a brand Flintobox. I researched about it and found that many mothers like me have opted for Flintobox. My friends also suggested and were quite happy with the delivery and the usage of the box.

What my box includes

The package was for my daughter who’s 10 years old. And it did have a variety of things in it.

  • First Activity kit- Glowing key chains.
  • Second Activity kit- Magic clock
  • Third Activity kit- My glow stand
  • Fourth Activity kit- Glow in dark friends.
  • Fifth pack- Common Items

measuring cup


paint brushes

glow paint

colouring agent


safety mask

So this shows that nothing is to be taken from outside. All are included in the box only.

Kid’s reaction

I was very excited that I wanted to create things myself. But at last, kids got busy with the activity box. My younger boy was equally happy to get the box. He is part of the videos also which I included – the unboxing video and the testimonial video.

It is been hours since they haven’t nagged me. Instead, I have to keep a watch on them that what are they doing? you know mothers are this way only. When kids nag we are irritated and when they don’t we are worried!




2 thoughts on “Flintobox – It keeps your child away from gadgets

  1. My kids have Flintobox too. They love it. It keeps them engaged for quite some time – and there are some creative stuff in there too so it helps them learn as well.


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