Diwali releases a different fragrance in the air

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Diwali is one festival that is much awaited throughout the year. It has a special place in my heart. Since childhood, I like this festival for many different reasons. The season itself releases a different fragrance in the air. There is so much excitement in the surroundings. The whole city is on their toes and active everywhere other than social media.

The magic around

There are many practices that have become rituals now. And these rituals only sparkle our lives. The main attraction during the festival month is

  • Weather: There is a different kind of positivity in the air. After a long humid season, the climate becomes cool and favourable. There is fresh energy wherever you turn around.
  • Light: We light candles and there’s brightness all around. The sun feels so warm and comfortable on your skin. Through this light, many new opportunities come in front and problems get their solution. The dullness in life vanishes.
  •  Snacks: There are some snacks that are made especially during this time only. So there’s different excitement in making them. However, they are fried and that’s why I don’t make them often. Else I will not have control over myself. Like snacks, we bring some spice to our relationships too by adding a pinch of spice. We plan small surprises and gifts for each other.
  • Sweets: Without sweets, no festival is complete in India. Here, at home, we make besan ke ladoo. And they always turn out to be yummy. Sweetness in behaviour showers love among the family members and all previous conflicts are resolved.


  • Cards: How can one forget to play cards? It is said to be auspicious to play on Diwali night. Most of the years, we plan a card party at our home. A man’s real nature is reflected through the games he plays, as observed by regular players.
  • Clothes: We get new clothes for everyone and look out to make new friends and relationships. The more we meet new people, we learn new things. Every human on this earth is a bundle of talent waiting to be explored
  • RangoliWe make different designs at the front gate, some in the balcony and in front of the temple. It adds many new colours to our life.
  • Cleaning: With the cleaning of the house, we clean our hearts also from all the unwanted hatred for people. And learn to let go of the ego within us.

Every aspect of this festival has a charm it leaves behind. Until next year when we wait eagerly and start preparing again with the same enthusiasm. 

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10 thoughts on “Diwali releases a different fragrance in the air

  1. I agree all these rituals are now a big part of diwali celebrations. And cant miss or celebrate without any one of them. playing cards and making rangoli are my favourite ones.

  2. Card thing is really new to me , never heard of it before rest all are already told by mom or I’ve read them somewhere. This is like a true eye-opener to all those who just lit firecrackers & pollute the environment stating “DIWALI is complete only after one bursts firecrackers”


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