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Solitary Confinement vs Social Behaviour

Today, we live in a super fast moving society. More than people we have gadgets around. They make our life simpler and faster. They even let us earn better.

 So today, what’s our perspective towards society?

We are busy earning and rising higher. We have less time for our family and relatives. When on holidays, we just want to be alone. We don’t want to entertain any guests or friends. We are fed up of socialising all through the week.


  • Our pockets are heavier with money and hearts with grief and sorrow.
  • Humans believe in competition in every field with everybody.
  • Even husband and wife are also competing with each other. Be it for money, family, household chores or responsibility of kids.

Why is the man still not happy?

  • We live in a competitive world whereas we need to be in the cooperative world. Where everyone helps every other person and grows together.
  • Any one thing cannot give happiness to all. That’s why every human gets happiness from different things and sources.
  • A man feels happy with more money because he can buy all the pleasures of life. But he forgets that friends, family and love can’t be bought.
  • You need a person to share your joy and your successes. 
  • You feel proud and content when the other person praises you and congratulates you.
  • But when there’s nobody when you are back home then all your achievements are a waste. You don’t want to earn more.
  • At this point, not a single gadget gives you happiness.

  However big we may grow, still

SOLITARY CONFINEMENT  is the biggest punishment for the human kind.


SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR is the biggest source of happiness for the mankind.


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Stay tuned for discussions on healthy competition in my next post. Coming soon!!

Till then be happy and spread happiness.




133 thoughts on “Solitary Confinement vs Social Behaviour

  1. Beautifully put Geethica. In today’s world, we are all trying to run the rat race at every stage of our lives and trying to go one up than the rest. While competition is good, as it keeps us motivated, we generally don’t seem to be happy even after we have it all. We may have all the money in the world but without love, family and friends, we still don’t have a lot.

  2. Thought provoking post Geethica. Solitary confinement is an awful punishment but since we are all social beings. And as far as social media is concerned, its a mirage

  3. I will agree but only to an extend- our desires and needs have become very subjective and it is not difficult to generalize what makes one happy and what does . That’s what i think.

  4. Hi Geethica! This has to be one of my all time favourite posts of yours. This is apt for the modern world that we live in. I´m going to be sharing this for all to read. A great reminder for all of us. Thank you so much for writing these beautiful and timeless thoughts. Keep writing! Love and God Bless!

  5. This post is hurtfully true. Social media, our screens, our need to have ‘me time’ are all such vices in today’s times. We are only growing more apart from each other.

  6. Well said Geethica! I have seen many relations fall apart because of the issue you have highlighted. If only people focused more on family and friends around them more than the gadgets they so loving take care of.

  7. We have become so confined by gadgets, that we are forgetting the need to connect socially. Your post leads me to thinking how the coming generation would be…

  8. What a great thought, Geethica. It’s a sad truth. Even kids love to sit inside with a mobile phone or computer than go outside and play with other kids. Beautifully written!

  9. You’ve put this so well.. I remember, going to our friends place in the building unannounced was a very normal thing.. but these days its all become so formal and like you said much less social

  10. That’s so true! People have become so focused on social media and external achievements and fame that they forget the things that really matter: family, friends, and conversations. If we don’t have time for that, no amount of money and fame can make us happy!

  11. This is the paradox of our times Geethica. Excess of social media has created a rat race of instant gratification, insecurities and fierce competition.It is important to look for depth in people, places, experience and actions for contentment.

  12. Grt thought ..Yes , IT has changed our world and with the emergence of AI , may be out thought process will be dead too .. Bots area going to do everything

  13. Agree on most of the things from growing together to spending most of the time with gadgets but in a way it is good to have gadgets around because society becomes annoying at times.

    At times people just want to gossip about other people’s life. They just to pull other people down. I feel that’s why people are getting addicted to gadgets.

    1. Yes, there are different reasons for different people that pushes them towards gadgets. But it is important for us to make a balance between all.

  14. Hey!
    I feel it’s the virtual socializing (the itch to check every other app) that gets so taxing that people start inching towards solitude at times.

  15. Hey very nicely and in a simple manner you have highlighted some of the modern day problems and it all depends on us how we try to solve it . Great post

  16. Social behaviour and solitary confinement both have their highs and lows. Yet both are essential for our growth and to lead a balanced life. Nice thoughts here Geethica. Good Luck to you!

  17. Thats a great thought – its is true though we are richer, have better comforts, life feels empty without our loved ones. I only fear it will get worst with time.

  18. This is the topic that almost everyone can contemplate to. We are caught up in our own world. Where earlier people used to go out of the way to help each other, these day we don’t even offer plain help gesture.
    It’s very sad but true and we all are part to it.

  19. Some people see solitary confinement as one of the most difficult ways to do time, while others seek it out to feel safe. So, is it an ethical incarceration practice? By weighing down its pros and cons, each of us will have sufficient knowledge to decide which side of the debate he or she supports.

  20. It is true that today we have more things with us but we are not happy, the reasons are plenty. expectations, wants and ego are few reasons why it is like this. Enjoyed reading this post Geethica!

    1. That’s fine. But after a point, you may need someone in flesh to love you and talk to you. Still these are all personal choices.Thanks Ruby.

  21. Fantastic post Geethica…We all have forgotten to live…most of us.
    Thanks for sharing…

    #AlexaMyFriend #Foodietweeter #BlogChatter

  22. It’s very crusical topic these days. Everyone talking about the harmful effects of using phones and net and encourage that there should be more social gatherings but still no one taking any initiative towards this. Even I am one of them. So your post is a reality of our today’s life.

  23. A wise perspective for Solitary Confinement Vs Social Behavior. You put it very effectively. And looking forward to read your posts on healthy competition. It’s great choice at present. Happy to join with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

  24. Awesome Geethica. Your post has pointed out exactly what’s going on in our lives and society. Busy lifestyle, less time for socialising, nuclear family. But it has to change and we are one who should change it.

    Lovely read!!

  25. Life sometimes is unfair. We lead very different lifestyles than what the previous generation lived. Solitary confinement is to be blamed. Happy alexa month

  26. True that Geethica I so much agree with your post here. Solidarity Confinement is some where responsible in we getting aloof from other humans and getting more and more insecured on trivial things. Beautiful thought

  27. Life has become competitive. If this is how adults conduct themselves, I worry about what we will teach our children. Empathy and social skills need to be nurtured in children and our behaviour as adults needs to be the teacher.


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