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I still remember the day when Nandini was back home from school and her body was high with fever. I rushed to her playschool and talked to her teacher. She was equally worried about her health. This was the third time in a row that Nandini was falling sick. Within in a gap of a week, she was visiting the doctor again to be diagnosed with viral fever. This time I was really anxious. I just wanted a solution to this. But the doctor was easy with his prescription. According to him, the atmosphere is to be blamed. There is pollution everywhere whether outside or inside your home. I was shocked to hear this. If the home is also not safe then where should a man go?

Indoor pollutants

When I researched about the pollutants that reside in our homes I came to know about

  • Formaldehyde- One of the major indoor air pollutants is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is emitted by construction materials, all of which are used in making furniture. The resins used in the manufacture of these adhesives degrade and emit formaldehyde.
  • Indoor pollutants- Another aspect that degrades indoor Air is the foul smells that persist within a room. These bad odours linger and act as air irritants. Many objects like gas stoves, carpets and furniture emitted such indoor pollutants.

And this was the main reason why Nandini was suffering from bronchiolitis. More than anything else I had to find a remedy to stop this infection. My research was still on. And that is when I found

Royale Atmos

Royale Atmos from Asian Paints is equipped with Activated Carbon Technology, a purification technology used across many other products. Royale Atmos reduces formaldehyde, a dangerous indoor pollutant. Royale Atmos absorbs select household foul smells, thereby improving air quality within the home. Royale Atmos is our only paint that comes with a fragrance. You no longer have to worry about the chemical smell of paints. Activated Carbon is the revolutionary technology that powers Royale Atmos and helps it in purifying indoor air.

When a molecule of the pollutant hits a normal paint, it bounces back, ever ready to pollute the air. However, with Royale Atmos on your walls, this pollutant molecule is destroyed by breaking it down into harmless molecules. This means that the overall formaldehyde levels within your home are reduced.

Testing at a third party lab for reduction of formaldehyde, a dangerous air pollutant, Royale Atmos was found to reduce formaldehyde levels by 85% under standard test conditions.

With all the information gathered, I was quite satisfied and wanted to try the product soon.

Tried and satisfied

I got my home painted the next very month. And to everyone’s satisfaction, we all are breathing fresh and clean air today.

Other aspects of Royale Atmos are

  • It comes in smooth matt finish.
  • It comes with a green assure seal which means that it is VOC safer and Environmentally friendlier.
  • It is equipped with Teflon Surface Protector Teflon which imparts excellent stain and scrub resistance. The toughest of stains will be easy to clean off ensuring that your walls will remain beautiful for years.

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